Confidentia has made its task the development of rhythmically mobile and enlivening audit forms and practicing these together with organisations. These audit forms should be a real support for the participants when they practice self-regulation in their self-appointed task and in their work in the management system.

The audit unfolds its full efficacy through periodic renewals which, through their differentiated approach, shed light on different aspects of the organisation, bringing them into consciousness. This approach to auditing aims to bring those being audited into active involvement in the process so becoming co-responsible for the audit. In this way the course of the audit itself becomes a relationship-based service.

External audits are a basic condition for issuing and maintaining certification. Beyond this they are used by organisations as a welcome opportunity for self-reflection. External audits help an organisation address questions on its effectiveness in the application of quality management; and where and how it can enhance its efficacy so as to fulfil in the long term its core professional task on behalf of its clients.