Initial Audit

The Initial Audit is intended to mediate a meaningful overall picture of the extent to which the chosen management system is embedded in the formation and life of the organisation and is able to unfold its quality-assuring and -enhancing effect. It covers the organisation and its development in a broad way and so includes all the important groups.

Interim Audit I

In the Interim Audit I the co-workers reflect the direct and indirect consequences of their actions on their social surrounding (service recipients, the team, the organisation) in the light of their initial intentions. The events looked at in these retrospective observations are organised in such a way that relationships and developmental tendencies become visible.

Interim Audit II

In the Interim Audit II the co-workers observe the effects of their work and their co-working on their own professional development. This rendering account brings to their consciousness the experiences made and the insights and questions that arose in fulfilling the task and lets the social surroundings play a part in these individual steps of learning.

1st Renewal Audit

Reflecting on the forming of relationship-based services, in which the human being stands at the centre of the endeavour, leads to an awareness of the key position of the service recipient or client. The kind and extent of their inclusion in the provision of service and in the development of the organisation are therefore a central focus for evaluation in the 1st Renewal Audit.

2nd Renewal Audit

Conscious handling of the forces which structure the social organism creates conditions for the development of professional quality. At the same time it makes working together into an arena for permanent professional development. The 2nd Renewal Audit is intended to give a convincing picture of how effectively and sustainably the organisation is able to form and direct itself, so that it nurtures and safeguards the professional quality to which it aspires and which it publicly claims to practice.


The recurring Audits, where the conceptual approach is modified each time, focus on different themes thereby enhancing over time the substance and with it the reliability of the Audit's observations and conclusions.

Organisations also have the option of arranging with Confidentia pre-Audits and diagnostic Audits before deciding to take up "Ways to Quality" or apply for certification. A different sequence or the development of new tailor-made forms of Audit is also possible.